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Ancre 1

Pulled Pork

Crime, Thriller, Comedy 2023, 119 min, Austria, German with Eng. subtitles

Short synopsis: Private investigator Flo Kienzl, aided by his foster brother and ex-con Eddi Kovac, tries to bring down corrupt pig farmer and mayoral candidate Benny Jagschitz, who has skeletons in the closet and Russian mobsters in his jacuzzi. (Long synopsis)


Cast: Paul Pizzera, Otto Jaus, Valerie Huber, Gregor Seberg, Elisabeth Kanettis,

Gizem Emre, Christian Himmelbauer Eva Prosek, Michael Rast

Director: Andreas Schmied

Producers: Loredana Rehekampff, Andreas Schmied



Long synopsis:

In the not-so-sleepy town of Graz where everyone’s business is everyone else’s scandal, Private Eye Flo Kienzl and his brother-from-another-mother, Eddi Kovac - a man whose criminal record is as colorful as his personality - tackle their biggest case yet.

They’re up against Benny Jagschitz, a pig farmer dreaming of mayoral glory, whose dirty deeds go way beyond not cleaning his pigsties. With more skeletons in his closet than a Halloween store, Jagschitz is the kingpin of corruption in a town that’s seen it all.

As Flo and Eddi stumble through a maze of mishaps and close calls, they’re determined to bring down the soon-to-be mayor before he turns their beloved town into a Russian Mafia playground.

It’s a riotous ride of mishaps, wit, and the kind of brotherly love that puts the fun in dysfunctional, proving that sometimes, to catch the bad guys, you’ve gotta break a few eggs - or, in this case, pig pens.




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