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Luke Corradine

Founder Fizz-e-Motion

Music Director, Composer

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Oliver Gamston

Music Supervisor, Sync Manager

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Luke's music career predates that in film by a whole decade. Having founded his own recording studio in Central London in 2001, he went on to compose extensively for Advertising and later for the TV industry and Film.

Through the period 2009-18 he has composed music for ITV, the BBC, Salt TV, OH TV and several top brand campaigns such as Nokia, Lego, the British Government, Stand Up To Cancer and The Samaritans amongst others.

Specifically in film scoring, he is the recipient of several international awards including one AMAA for his work in African folk music and one AMVCA. He has scored Tomasz Szafranski's 'No Panic With a Hint of Hysteria' (Stephen Baldwin) which Fizz-e-Motion is also selling internationally. Later he scored American thriller 'Perception' featuring Wes Ramsey and he is now in pre-production for epic historical drama 'Go West!' featuring Dominique Pinon and Geraldine Chaplin.

With a Southampton University 1st Class BA in Popular Music Performance and University of Liverpool MA in Popular Music Studies, Oliver started his career at De Wolfe handling their catalogue management and assisting in creative music placements and licenses for BBC, Channel 4, ITV, C5 and SKY.

Later on in films (Absolutely Fabulous, Breathe) and Advertising campaigns for Audi, McDonalds, Jaguar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, NBC, CBS, Paramount to name but a few, he is currently managing the commercial sync output of One Two many Records across all media worldwide.

With a fine ear for 'what works on picture' and a vast knowledge on contemporary music, Oliver looks after Fizz-e-Motion's music clearances and licensing, music supervision and focusing on providing creative searches within budgets.

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Nikita Budash

Sound mixer, composer

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Co-founder of reknown pop group Kazka, Nikita is also a very talented and in-demand score mixer. Ukraine born, he divides his time between touring with Kazka and attending to studio demands for some of Ukraine's most notable TV channels and directors. Nikita has recently finished mixing the successful documentary Beatles and India for Silva Screen Productions to which Luke added all sound design elements. He has also worked on the dubbing of some of Hollywood's most notorious blockbusters of recent years, including Sicario, Fast & Furious 7 and Robocop. He is running the Post Production Hub with Luke (see sound clips at bottom of the page)

Sonoria Studios

Based only minutes from Florence International Airport, Sonoria is coveted as one of the area's finest studios. Featuring a selection of state-of-the-art recording equipment and a SSL Duality mixer serving as the heart of the studio, Sonoria is only hours from our offices in Cannes and Vienna and is our partner for film and TV projects looking for nothing but the best sound.

At Sonoria we count with the phenomenal Oversea Orchestra managed by conductor Filippo Martelli as well as the talent of owner/composer Andrea Benassai. 


Andrea Benassai, Filippo Martelli and Luke Corradine at Sonoria


Filippo Martelli

Conductor, Orchestra Manager

Fizz-e-Music is a division of Fizz-e-Motion dedicated to the production of music to picture.

Managed by Luke Corradine, with over 20 years of experience in the music business, Fizz-e-Music is designed to deliver at two fundamental levels: Film Scoring and Music Supervision. Luke's talent and creative vision brings some 22 feature film and documentary scores to the fore, as well as a unique 360 degrees understanding of the scoring process and post production needs.


The Film Scoring department is associated with Sonoria Studios in Florence for large projects of up to 35 players and with some of the best equipment in the business. Equally we count on some of the finest solo musicians from the Nice and Montecarlo Orchestras which can be flexibly deployed from the most modest budgets and up. The Music Supervision department is managed from London by Oliver Gamston.

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