Fizz-e-Motion develops and co-produces feature films and series in association or sometimes independently from our sales department, acting as an executive producer, creative partner or consultant depending on the situation. Initially a servicing department for third-party productions only, Fizz-e-Originals has now developed into a fully formed enterprise.

Thanks to our great network of established film makers in Europe and USA, we create content, co-produce, arrange tax rebates, assist with fund raising, help with casting, improve and complete scripts, run a global business analysis, organize post-production equity deals and - last but not least - create original content.

The philosophy behind our sales business is at the core of Fizz-e-Originals: to continue develop our great rapport with distributors worldwide to develop content that's relevant, cutting and edge and ready to sell.

Recordando Ucrania 1941 (Rememebering Ukraine 1941)



In association with EUSKADI MOVIE AIE; Ukranian producer Kateryna Shevchenko of distribution company KINOVYR and scriptwriter Daniel Govantes (Aida), Fizz-e-Motion is developing a documentary drama series based on the tragic events of the Second World War in the Ukrainian front and the Spanish voluntaries who fought and died in that land.

Told through the eyes of first hand witnesses and their families who both in Spain and Ukraine, experienced the shocking events of the German invasion of 1941. A long and detailed research of humane sources has been carried out by Euskadi Movie in conjunction with Kinovyr with a number of historically important interviews carried out in Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Kyiv, Odessa and Lviv. 

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The Voice of the Dead (La Voz de los Muertos)

In association with Barcelona based production company Alhena, and scriptwriter Daniel Govantes (Aida), Fizz-e-Motion is developing a drama series based on Julian Sanchez three part book and available in over 20 countries.

Inspector David Ossa faces a difficult case: a multiple murder and subsequent suicide occurred in (Las Ramblas) the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. Ossa soon realizes that it is a special case with connotations that escape common sense and in which nothing is what it seems. His investigation leads him to another unsolved case, which occurred in 1969, with very common features and although his superiors force him to close the case and even doubt his sanity, he refuses to let go and enters a dark and mysterious world that he will find very difficult to escape.


Warm Waters


A group of teenagers spend a holiday in a quiet lake resort when the discovery of the remains of their best friend by the beach, spreads dread and panic. As the casualties rise, the investigations starts to focus on something that lurks deep in the lake.

Thriller/Horror, 90 min, 2020, USA, English

Cast: TBC

Producer: Fizz-e-Motion, Rez Bodonyi

Director: TBC

Who's The Father

In certain remote parts of Italy, legend has it that if a man can’t make his wife
pregnant, then the local priest can be asked to secretly perform on the husband’s
behalf. But what if the priest falls in love with the wife?
This is the story of a boy becoming a man, a spiritual character discovering his
physicality, a fish-out-of-water, romantic comedy which oozes that rare quality – charm.

Comedy, 2021, 100min, UK. English

Cast TBC

Writer: Tim John

Producers: Nick Barton, Tim John, David Nichols

Black Rose

Set in a post-pandemic future, a recently disavowed Interpol agent Rose has gone rogue,

before uncovering a cult that threatens her city.

Action/thriller, 2021, 60min/episode, Canada. English

Writer: Robert HennyUzair Merchant


Philip G. Byrne...executive producer

Luke Corradine...executive producer 

Maxine De Vere...producer

Uzair Merchant...executive producer

Director: James Bamford

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