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Ancre 1







Drama, 2023, 84 min, South Africa, in English


The story unfolds as four characters reunite at the blind lead's home, embarking on a journey from his secluded town to the war-torn Angola border. In a cherished old Dodge Polara, restored in tribute to his Grandad, they navigate back roads, exploring nostalgic destinations. Amid stunning locations in the Northern Cape and Namibia, their friendship fractures, leading to intense moments, attempted suicide, a short hostage drama, hidden drug abuse, and alcohol-induced madness. Derived from 98% real experiences shared by director David Moore, this is a great example of a road trip life journey filled with the unexpected.

(Long synopsis)


Cast: Waldemar Schultz, Tony Herbert, Grant Swanby, Darren Kelfkens

Director: David Moore

Producers: Niyaaz Aysen, Lathiem Groenmeyer, David Moore





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Long synopsis:

The story opens with our four main characters meeting at the house of our disabled lead character. There is initially an awkward re-connection but very soon they are on the road from the small town he isolated himself in and on their way to “the border” of Angola where the war took place.


The car they travel in is an old Dodge Polara. Our blind lead is quite attached to the vehicle and is fixing it up as homage to his Grandad. They drive in this car on the back-roads and we get a glimpse of spectacular vistas as the V8 engine roars.


They visit places our blind lead used to visit with his parents as a young man so that he too can “see” where they are. They visit canyons, salt pans, bush pubs and share both intimate moments as well as really hard arguments and some physical violence. This all comes to a head once they reach their destination.


After a number of rather beautiful destinations across the Northern Cape and into Namibia, their friendship reaches a breaking point and not only is there an attempted suicide, but also a short hostage drama which features only our four leads. There is hidden drug abuse, some serious alcohol induced madness and finally, some kind of redemption.

They eventually get to the place where the landmine changed their lives and for a brief moment they are again united.


98% of this story comes from shared stories and experiences of director David Moore and the people he shared this experience with.

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