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The Only Way Out

Thriller, 2021, 110 min, Serbia, with Eng. subtitles


Six years after her husband, a famous lawyer in Belgrade, died in a fire, Ana Kolar (Anđelka Prpić) gets information which are throwing everything into question about what she thought to know, not only about the tragedy, but also about her own family.

At the same time, inspector Dejan Štrbac (Ljuba Bandović), through the sudden death of his daughter’s best friend, is drawn into a chain of crimes, which started with the mysterious disappearance of a young lawyer six years ago.

While everything works against them, the two protagonists go together on a search for the truth, which brings them face to face with a web of lies, blackmail and murders, but also with dark secrets from their own past.


Cast: Andjelka Prpic,  Vladimir Aleksic, Ljubomir Bandovic

Director: Darko Nikolic

Producers: Marko Stankovic





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