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The Illusion Of Control

Thriller, 2022, 94 min, Ukraine, with Eng. subtitles


During his entire life Victor became a master in perfectly manipulating others in his own interests. This allowed him to become a powerful and successful businessman and control large financial flows.

After a car accident that forced him to take a brain scan and look into childhood memories, he discovers that since he was a kid he has been a puppet in someone's game. Trying to find out who's behind this, Victor discovers a disturbing truth that will lead him into a series of lies, blackmailing operation, manipulation and dangerous adventures. However, Victor is determined to find out at any price who is the puppet master behind his illusion of control.


Cast: Oleg Fendura, Tatyana Konovalova, Nikita Shumsky, Eugene Bury

Director: Vladek Zankovsky

Producers: Igor Razdorozhnyy, Vladek Zankovsky


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