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Supernatural thriller, 2020, 88min, USA/Ukraine, in English

Sasha a young American woman with Ukrainian roots inherits an old building in Kiev. Together with Peter, her boyfriend, they fly to Ukraine. They are supposed to stay just some few days just the time to sell the house. But Sasha is fascinated by the house and she feels something strange there, an irrational connection. Next to that the locals are acting very weirdly. As the days pass, she unveils a series of dark secrets and a gruesome murder which will now come to hunt her and the building.

Cast: Nick Wittman (Rambo, Last Blood; Terminator: Dark Fate) Natalia Ryumina (Their Finest), Valeria Dymova

Director: Chad Barager, Kevin Speckmaier

Producer: Chad Barager, Ian Ihnatowycz





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