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Ancre 1





Action-Horror, 2024, Finland, Finnish and English with Eng. sub


An ex-convict, fresh out of prison, is given an assignment as a guard at a mysterious club located in a secluded mansion.

He soon finds out the club and the brothers who own it trade in more than just entertainment - and finds himself in the middle of a web of sinister mysteries and an underbelly of torture and murder.

As the secrets of the manor begin to unravel, a group of bloodthirsty assassins begin to lay siege on the club, and the survivors have to band together in order to live through the night.


Cast: Jarmo Pukkila, Ari Savonen, Jere Saarela, Katriina Rajaniemi, Gareth Lawrence, Veera W. Vilo, Ilkka Koivula, Renne Korpila, Sami Huhtala, Markus Tilli  Karoliina Blackburn

Director: Esa Jussila

Producers: Minja Tuomisalo, Ari Savonen, Matti Rego, Esa Jussila,





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