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Drama/Sport, 2020, 90 min, Finnish with Eng Sub.

Jaana is a bar owner and mother of two kids. She lives together with her charismatic but short-tempered partner Marko. Janna’s hobby is horse riding. She practices it at a high level and regularly takes part in competitions. But one day, after an accident that broke her spine, her life takes a dramatic turn when she wakes up in a hospital bed with her two legs paralyzed. Determined to face her destiny, Jaana plans to take back the reins of her life and ride horses again. But it’s not an easy path and Jaana will have to fight. Based on a true story, this film is a wonderful homage to one woman´s battle.

Cast: Olga Temonen, Sebastian Rejman, Inka Kallén, Ville Myllyrinne,

Director: Tuukka Temonen

Producer: Olga Temonen, Tuukka Temonen





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