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Drama / Romance, 2017, 90 min, USA

A functioning depressive, Bill Gotts (Casey Manderson) had a completely different vision when he imagined life in his thirties. The opinion columnist attempts to find his way through an early mid life crisis with the help of his over opinionated and equally flawed peers, to eventually conclude that he knows nothing. Though, that revelation may be the best step toward actually discovering something great in life

Cast: Kate Isaac, Casey Manderson, Jennisfer Kaleta

Director: Rob Carpenter

Producer: William Carne




Global Awards Winner for :

Best Director, Best Cast : Alternative Film Festival (Toronto)

Best Actor, Best Feature, Best Director: Mindfield Film Festival (New Mexico)

Best Drama Feature: Genre Celebration Film Festival (Shanghai)

Best Feature: Monkey Bread Tree Awards (UK)

Best Feature (Silver): North American Film Awards

Best Humor: Top Indie Film Awards

Global Nominations for :

Maverick Movie Awards (Los Angeles):

Best Actor (Casey Manderson), Best Supporting Actress (Genevieve Fleming),

Best Supporting Actor (Jason Beaudoin), Best Ensemble (Entire Cast)

North American Movie Awards:

Best Actor (Casey Manderson), Best Actress (Kate Isaac), Best North American Film

Top Indie Film Awards:

Best Actor (Casey Manderson), Best Feature

The Alternative Film Festival:

Best Writer, Best Director, Best Comedy, Best Actor (Casey Manderson), Best Actress (Kate Isaac), Best Cast

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