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Romantic-Comedy, 110 min, 2018, Poland, Polish with Eng. sub

Can a white lie get out of control and lead to a total disaster? Or maybe just as everything falls apart in life, it's possible to put it back into place again? Karina is doing her best to have the first happy relationship ever. Unfortunately, the man to whom she gave her heart, seems to be more interested in himself than her. One unforeseen event and one little lie will change Karina's organized life into an emotional and hilarious roller-coaster. It soon turns out that other people around Karina have their little secrets, too. When the truth comes out, everyone will have to finally put their relationships and in their hearts in order.

Cast: Julia Kaminska, Sonia Bohosiewicz, Tomas Karolak

Director: Bartosz Prokopowicz

Producer: Agnieszka Odorowicz





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