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Romance/Comedy, 2021, 90 min, Czech Republic, with Eng. subtitles

Four best friends, who are four beautiful women, enjoy life and relationships, and share their secrets. Two of them have small children, one has just given birth, and one is pregnant. Sára is good-looking and a fan of the social networks, but never imagined having a baby could make life so complicated. Hedvika lives in a gilded cage with a workaholic husband, who’s away a lot, and it’s no wonder she fantasizes about David, a young attractive singer. Zuzana has just broken up with Kamil and is flat broke, but has two adorable children to take care of. Eliška is pregnant and loves her boyfriend, but her impossible, interfering mother doesn’t. Motherhood can be rough, but these women can count on each other!   

Cast: Gabriela Marcinková , Petra Hrebícková , Sandra Nováková , Hana Vagnerová , Vladimír Polívka ,Jirí Langmajer

Director: Vojtech Moravec

Producers: Monika and Jan Schwarcz, Up&Up Production.





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