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Locked in a Loveshack

Comedie, 2021, Poland, 90 min, with Eng. subtitles.

This is a comedy like no other. Bart and Nerd have a fantastic plan. They want to rob a corrupted Politician, by breaking into his apartment via a neighboring apartment, which happens to be a brothel. A simple and easy plan starts to become more complicated when a Police officer visits the brothel, and a stubborn health inspector decides to hold everyone in qurantine and close down the place for 10 days...What will happen next?

Cast: Mateusz Damiecki, Pawel Koslik, Eryk Kulm Jr. Janusz Chabior, Emma Giegzno

Director: Krzysztof Jankowski

Producers: Krzysztof Jankowski, Konrad Sosnowski, Luiza Zygmunt-Sosnowska





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