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Historical-drama, 108min, Slovakia/Iceland, 2019 (theatrical cut), 2020 TV cut, in English

Slovakia, 1944. Young Eva works in a factory owned by the rich and arrogant Bar. Her plan is to keep her head down and survive until husband Jack returns from the war. One day, Jack appears in the village, having deserted his unit, hoping he can get back to his and Eva’s old life. But things have changed. In a twist of fate, a woman from Jack’s past, the mysterious Cat also arrives in the village. She knows his secrets and is prepared to do anything to survive. But that’s not the end of Jack and Eva’s problems; hovering over everything, manipulating everyone in the village, is manipulative politician Hanáček and secret policeman Németh.

Director: Peter Magat
Cast: Alicia Agneson (The Courrier, Vickings), Lachlan Nieboer, Brian Caspe (Jojo Rabbit, Mission Impossible), Abigail Rice, Mark Fleischmann.
Producers: Zuzana Chadimová, Braňo Chlpík (Filmframe), Saemundur Nordfjord (Loki Film Productions)





Belgrade International Film Festival 2020

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