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Female Factor

Romance, drama 2023, 90min, Czech Rep, with Eng. subtitles

Three friends, three destinies. Beautiful Alex, sympathetic Marta and headstrong Irena. Three completely different stories and a different outlook on life. Yet there is the strongest bond between them that nothing can break. Not even a man. Each of them has a dream.

Irena longs for her own house and subordinates everything to it. Marta wants to be a radio presenter, but she is a pharmacist who wants to talk to people very much. And Alex? She is not having a happy time with her boyfriend. She would like a normal relationship with a man... But she falls madly and passionately in love with the much older but very charismatic head of a large multinational company.

She succumbs to his charm, but soon encounters his hard shell. At that moment, their friends come to the rescue and devise a trap for Albert, which he gradually falls into... but fate sometimes plays with relationships and brings surprises. As the story reaches a happy ending, fate intervenes...


A unique relationship romantic-comedy that offers great acting opportunities for three great actresses, as well as a lot of verbal and situational humor.

Cast: Hana Vagnerová, Alzbeta Stanková, Marek Vasu, Tereza Krippnerová
Director: Milos Smídmajer
Producers: Pavel Smídmajer




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