Fairlight World Distribution

Fairlight World Distribution

is the sister company of Fizz-e-Motion specialising in non English language content and content which is not action, thriller, family and romantic comedy.

It represents a roster of commercial films and series with international appeal,

from selected directors and producers of all around the World.

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Documentary, 2020, 79 min, Italy, with English subtitles


Fellini's charisma, art and the world that populated his movies, filmed from a hidden room, come back from the past after almost 40 years. 

Coinciding with Fellini's centenary and featuring numoerous Oscar winners and nominees, with this film we have the exceptional opportunity to observe "through a keyhole" the master at work and discover new aspects of the man and the background of his creative activity.

  • Interviewees: Lina Wertmuller (Oscar winner), Nicola Piovani (Oscar winner), Dante Ferretti (Oscar winner), Maurizio Millenotti, Ferruccio Castronuovo, Norma Giacchero.

  • Director: Silvia Giulietti

  • Producers: iFrame

  • Trailer here

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Fellini: rare behind the scenes and archives.

Fellini rare benind-the-scenes & unreleased interviews (4 feature length films and 10 short pieces). 1970-1990, 250 min, Italy


We present an archive collection of 250 minutes of rare and previously unreleased Fellini material such as behind-the-scenes, interviews and other footage of historical significance for the films 8 1/2; La Nave Va (The Ship Sails On); La Citta' Delle Donne (The City of Women); and Ginger and Fred. Previously kept in a vault for 40 years by Fellini's trusted stage director, Ferruccio Castronuovo, and now coinciding with the 100th Anniversary of  Federico Fellini in 2020, finally available for releasing and licensing exclusively to third parties upon request.

  • Cast: Federico Fellini, Marcello Mastroiani, Claudia Cardinale, Anthony Quinn, etc

  • Director: Ferruccio Castronuovo

  • Producers: iFrame

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The Edelweiss Revolution

Drama / Comedy, 2019, 90 min, Switzerland, French with English subtitles

Geneva, Spring 2017 :Switzerland has to position itself on a federal initiative. If the «yes» prevails, it will be forbidden for Switzerland to export weapons. Among the supporters of this initiative, a band of retired, former conscientious objectors. As they gather to make a documentary about their past as activists, the grandson of one of them dies accidentally during his military service. The group has only one idea in mind to resume the fight.

  • Cast: Irène Jacob, Jean-Luc Bideau, Paulo Dos Santos, Derek S. Robin

  • Director: Frederic Baillif

  • Producer: Frederic Baillif

  • IMDB link: here

  • Trailer: here

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Ott Tänak, The Movie

Documentary, 2019, 100 min, Estonia, Estonian with subtitles and English

A rare glimpse on the life and career of an otherwise reclusive World Rally Championship driver from Estonia. Often characterized as shy, retiring but headstrong, stubborn and with "a big ego", Ott Tänak puts all of his heart and soul into his dream of being a world champion. 

  • Cast: Ott Tanak (himself), Colin Clark (himself)

  • Director: Tarvo Molder

  • Producer: Sterotek Film

  • IMDB link: here

  • Trailer: here

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